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The winning photographs are announced for Mi Rincón Favorito de L’Hospitalet

The winners have been announced today for the photography competition Mi Rincón Favorito de L’Hospitalet (My Favourite Corner of L’Hospitalet). The first prize, consisting of 200 euros, was awarded to Silvia Consola, while the second prize of 100 euros was awarded to Fran Verjano.

Between 3 July and 27 August, residents of L’Hospitalet showcased the city’s highlights and hidden treasures by submitting 185 photographs (more than the previous edition) to the competition, which took place on Instagram.

Culture | 18/09/2023 14:00:00

The tapas tour awards honour 13 of the city’s establishments

This afternoon, 13 of the city’s establishments received awards for this year’s edition of the L’Hospitalet tapas tour. The prizes were given to the winners of the Primavera de Tapes (Springtime Tapas) tour, which ran from 20 to 23 April in parallel with the Festes de Primavera (Spring Festival), and the winners of the six neighbourhood tapas tours, which took place during the local festivals of Sant Josep, Santa Eulàlia, Can Serra, Collblanc-La Torrassa, Pubilla Cases and La Florida.

Food | 17/07/2023 19:00:00

The city’s restaurants receive culinary guidance

On Monday, staff from a number of L’Hospitalet’s restaurants attended a culinary training course led by the chef and culinary stylist Eva Hausmann, who is also the sponsor of this year’s tapas tours.

The course, which was divided into two sessions, equipped the participants with a set of culinary guidelines and was chiefly aimed at the establishments taking part in the tapas tours, with a view to improving their creations in the kitchen.

Food | 05/07/2023 11:30:00

L’Hospitalet searches for its favourite corner once again

Today marks the start of the entry period for the third edition of Mi Rincón Favorito de L’Hospitalet (My Favourite Corner of L’Hospitalet): an Instagram-based photography competition that invites residents to submit photographs that showcase the city’s highlights and hidden treasures.

Culture | 03/07/2023 13:45:00

Primavera de Tapes serves nearly 30,000 tapas: a new record

The 32 establishments that took part in the 11th edition of Primavera de Tapes (Springtime Tapas) served a total of 29,630 tapas, making this year’s edition of the tapas tour the most successful to date.

From 20 to 23 April, coinciding with the Festes de Primavera (Spring Festival), bars and restaurants in L’Hospitalet offered a variety of traditional, creative and fusion tapas at the price of €3.50 per dish (which also includes a drink, in some establishments).

Food | 25/04/2023 13:50:00

The City of L’Hospitalet Cocktail Contest sets a new participation record

This morning, the Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel hosted the 38th edition of the Cocktail Contest for Young Professionals–City of L’Hospitalet Trophy. Twenty-nine competitors from 19 schools and establishments throughout Catalonia took part in the contest, setting a new participation record in the process. Those competing included two students from the L’Hospitalet Food Service Training Centre.

Food | 23/04/2023 15:15:00

The tapas tours and City of L’Hospitalet Cocktail Contest are back

This morning saw the official presentation of two of L’Hospitalet’s most important culinary events: the tapas tours and the Cocktail Contest for Young Professionals–City of L’Hospitalet Trophy.

Food | 17/04/2023 12:10:00

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L’Hospitalet is a certified sports tourism destination. This is thanks to all the high-quality sports facilities and services we have here in the city.



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