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The city’s restaurants receive culinary guidance

The training course, led by chef Eva Hausmann, is chiefly aimed at establishments taking part in the tapas tours

On Monday, staff from a number of L’Hospitalet’s restaurants attended a culinary training course led by the chef and culinary stylist Eva Hausmann, who is also the sponsor of this year’s tapas tours.

The course, which was divided into two sessions, equipped the participants with a set of culinary guidelines and was chiefly aimed at the establishments taking part in the tapas tours, with a view to improving their creations in the kitchen.

In the first session, participants learned about the things to bear in mind when developing a dish, the amount of product required, the necessary preparation for the dish to be profitable, the quality of local and seasonal produce, and the latest trends. They also learned about the importance of making the dish attractive and for the food to tell a story. Lastly, the participants discussed the correct way for an establishment to manage its social media presence.

The second session of the course will take place next Monday 10 at 5:30 pm, at L’Hospitalet’s Municipal Centre for Training and Employment (CEMFO). This session will focus on plating: how to choose the right type, colour, size and texture, and how to arrange the food on the plate. At the end of the session, the participants will practice by preparing three dishes.

Tapas tours: promoting local cuisine in L’Hospitalet

This year, L’Hospitalet is hosting eight tapas tours. The first, Primavera de Tapes (Springtime Tapas), took place from 20 to 23 April, coinciding with the Festes de Primavera (Spring Festival), and saw a record 29,630 tapas dishes sold.

Last weekend, the neighbourhood tapas tours came to an end with La Florida de Tapes (Tapas in La Florida). These tours, of which there are six in total, run in parallel with the local festivals of each neighbourhood.

The tapas tours are organised in collaboration with the L’Hospitalet Food Service Association and the food blog “L’Hospitalet Gastronòmic”, and offer customers an opportunity to sample the culinary delights created by the city’s establishments.

There is also a participatory element to all of the tours, in which customers can vote for their favourite dish in the “Most Popular Tapas” category and enter a draw for different prizes. At the same time, a panel of experts will select the winners in the “Tastiest Tapas”, “Most Creative Tapas” and “Best Culinary Quality Tapas” categories, and the prizes will be handed out at a special ceremony on 17 July.

The final tapas tour of the year is A la tardor, platillos! (Autumn Tapas), which involves numerous establishments around the city and will take place from 2 to 26 November.

The tours are part of a series of projects designed to promote and revitalise the local culinary scene and consolidate L’Hospitalet’s status as a destination for food tourism. They also form part of the City Council’s drive to promote high-quality cuisine and make it accessible to visitors and residents of L’Hospitalet.

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