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Culture | 18/09/2023 14:00:00

The winning photographs are announced for Mi Rincón Favorito de L’Hospitalet

The competition forms part of the council’s initiatives to promote the city as a tourist destination

The winners have been announced today for the photography competition Mi Rincón Favorito de L’Hospitalet (My Favourite Corner of L’Hospitalet). The first prize, consisting of 200 euros, was awarded to Silvia Consola, while the second prize of 100 euros was awarded to Fran Verjano.

Between 3 July and 27 August, residents of L’Hospitalet showcased the city’s highlights and hidden treasures by submitting 185 photographs (more than the previous edition) to the competition, which took place on Instagram.

Culture | 03/07/2023 13:45:00

L’Hospitalet searches for its favourite corner once again

From 3 july to 27 august, residents will be able to take part in the third edition of the photography competition Mi Rincón Favorito de L'Hospitalet

Today marks the start of the entry period for the third edition of Mi Rincón Favorito de L’Hospitalet (My Favourite Corner of L’Hospitalet): an Instagram-based photography competition that invites residents to submit photographs that showcase the city’s highlights and hidden treasures.

Culture | 16/09/2022

The winning photographs are announced for “Mi Rincón Favorito de L’Hospitalet”


The winners of the “Mi Rincón Favorito de L'Hospitalet de Llobregat” (“My Favourite Corner of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat”) competition were announced this Friday: the first prize, consisting of 200 euros, was awarded to Paula Villuendas for this photograph, while the second prize, consisting of 100 euros, was awarded to Cristina Rodríguez Pérez for this photograph. Their photographs were selected as the best entries from over 140 that were submitted for the competition under the hashtag #mirinconfavoritoLH.

Culture | 21/07/2022

L'Hospitalet participates again at "My favorite corner" contest

For the second consecutive year, the City Council presents the contest that invites citizens to upload photographs of L'Hospitalet to the social network Instagram Last year, L'Hospitalet was the second municipality in the State that presented the most photograph

The City Council presents, for the second consecutive year, "Mi rincón favorito de L'Hospitalet", a contest on the Instagram social network that invites citizens to upload photographs of the town to show and discover the most outstanding : your favorite space, a park, a little-known corner, your favorite dish from one of the city's restaurants or the square you consider most

Culture | 02/11/2021

The word set to music of the Acrobat Festival gives back L' Hospitalet of the 5th to the 28th November

The word as a thread for a singular proposal that discovers a new generation of musicians, poets and artists that they already share poster with artists consolidated he Arranca on Saturday in the Auditorium Barred with a collective exhibition of virtual artists in homage to Miquel Martí i Pol and the show What more it lived in that place, except us?, a rereading of the work of the poets Russians Ana Akhmàtova and Marina Tsvetàieva

With the word as a thread, the Acrobat Festival shows a singular proposal with desires for being a space of creation, sample and literary and musical communication within the framework of the metropolitan area of Barcelona. The festival has kept on creating net for all the city, in the last years has incorporated new headquarters. The proposals of this year will develop of the 5th in the 28th November and, like always, are thought so that they arrive at every type of public.

Culture | 27/10/2021

"Ceci n'est step a revolution", the new exhibition that reinterprets works of the background of the Museum

The artists have worked about a plaque of the nomenclator of the city during the Civil War. The sample will be open to Casa Espanya until the 9th February

The Museum and the TPK, Art and Contemporary Thought propose a new approach to some of the pieces of the background of art of the city. To "Ceci n'est step a revolution", artists coming from Mexico, Lithuania, France and Catalonia have worked about an ancient plaque of nomenclator of the city during the Civil War.

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