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City | 25/10/2021

L' Hospitalet takes out very good note in sustainable mobility

The study that the consultant IdenCity carries out, with the support of the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, he places the city among the five best Spanish towns not provincial capitals in several identifications that value the quality of the services and the adequacy of the mobility to the goals of sustainable development.

L' Hospitalet has obtained some very good results in the edition 2021 of the Index from Sustainable Mobility that the consultant IdenCity carries out, specialized in the development and the implantation of innovative and sustainable strategic plans for the urban environments and that it explains with the support of the Ministry of Rights Social and Agenda 2030.

City | 22/09/2021

L'Hospitalet celebrates the Day without Cars with activities for a sustainable mobility

The Town Council develops different initiatives in the area of the sustainable mobility centered on the pacification of the traffic and the enlargement of sidewalks; the creation of islands of pedestrians and civic axes in the neighborhoods; the adequacy of healthy and safe environments to the educational centers; the improvement of the public transport, the promotion of the use of the bicycle and the systems of shared vehicles, and the execution of a net pedalable in the city

L'Hospitalet celebrates some today, 22 September, on the Day without Cars -the central day of the European Week of the Mobility- with activities to foster the sustainable mobility and to sensitize the displacements to the environmental impact that they have in private vehicle. The activities take place in the avenue of the Navy, among the street of Provença and the avenue of the Narrow Gauge Railroad.

City | 16/09/2021

L'Hospitalet proves the use of a new model of intelligent wastepaper basket

It works with solar energy, compacts the waste and communicates its state in real time. They have positioned 20 units of great capacity, like pilot test, in places of high concurrence of all the districts of the city

L'Hospitalet has pioneered the pilot test of a new model of intelligent wastepaper basket with the installation of 20 units of these recipients of great capacity in places of high concurrence of all the districts of the city. They work with solar energy, they compact the waste and they communicate his been in time real through an advanced technology.

City | 07/07/2021

The new directive Plan of environmental education of Hospitalet-Horizonte 2030 approved of

The Town Council has approved initially of the new directive Plan of environmental education of The Hospitalet-Horizonte 2030, elaborated after an extense participative process and with the support of the Regional Government of Barcelona. The plan establishes all a series of transversal actions that have to develop in the town to make the citizenship aware in general about the effects of the climatic emergency and to act in accordance with the goals of sustainable development of the Agenda 2030 of United Nations.

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