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L’Hospitalet unveils an interactive data viewer for tourism activity


The City Council has unveiled the Smart Tourism System for L’Hospitalet (SIT L’H): an interactive data viewer that allows users to access indicators related to the city’s tourism activity. The project is jointly funded by Barcelona Provincial Council and provides access to data from recent years regarding tourist profiles, visitor mobility, accommodation occupancy rate, number of activities and visitors to congresses and fairs, sustainability initiatives implemented by establishments providing accommodation, sporting activity within the city, and a number of other indicators.

The digital tool can now be accessed via the L’Hospitalet Tourism website, in the section titled “Tourism data viewer”, and enables users to view datasets with varying levels of detail for different types of user. As such, it acts as a dashboard that allows both the City Council and businesses in the city’s tourist sector to take strategic decisions (based on up-to-date data) regarding the future of tourism in L’Hospitalet, while also serving as an open data platform that can be accessed and used by citizens.

The viewer has been specifically designed for L’Hospitalet and offers various layers of raw data (e.g. on dining activity and sports tourism). Gradually, new indicators and layers (such as culture) will be added, in line with the drive to make the city a comprehensive tourist destination that will remain sustainable over time.

The viewer includes data from a variety of sources, including those pertaining to the City Council, LABturisme, Barcelona Provincial Council, Barcelona Tourism Observatory (OTB), the National Institute of Statistics (INE), Barcelona Hotel Association, and the La Farga and Fira de Barcelona exhibition centres.

At present, L’Hospitalet is a destination for business and sports tourism, with 31 tourist accommodation establishments and 5,024 tourist beds. In recent years, the City Council has strengthened its commitment to tourism as a key economic activity by creating a new tourism promotion and management strategy that also incorporates the necessary digital transformation to make the city and its businesses more competitive.

To this end, in 2021 an audit was carried out of the municipality’s data management and knowledge of tourism-related matters, using the City Council’s own funds, which led to the development of this tool for interactive management and citizen consultation.

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