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City | 25/10/2021

L' Hospitalet takes out very good note in sustainable mobility

The study that the consultant IdenCity carries out, with the support of the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, he places the city among the five best Spanish towns not provincial capitals in several identifications that value the quality of the services and the adequacy of the mobility to the goals of sustainable development.

L' Hospitalet has obtained some very good results in the edition 2021 of the Index from Sustainable Mobility that the consultant IdenCity carries out, specialized in the development and the implantation of innovative and sustainable strategic plans for the urban environments and that it explains with the support of the Ministry of Rights Social and Agenda 2030.

The study the state of the mobility in 82 Spanish towns analyzes -52 provincial capitals and 30 cities of more than 50.000 inhabitants- and an intelligent, connected, accessible and every time more sustainable system of mobility has the support of reference entities in the urban ecosystem that they work so that the towns integrate. L' Hospitalet sees, therefore, recognized its appointment in the elimination to architectural barriers that they can hamper or block the persons of reduced mobility the access and effective use of the infrastructures and means of transport.

L' Hospitalet stands among the five best cities not provincial capitals in several identifications. The third position in the dimension occupies physical Structure of the territory, which analyzes the territorial ordering in order to gauge its influence on the mobility as well as on the economics. The increase of the pacified ways has been appraised and pedalables, like this like of the accessible intermodal connections.

In the Offer dimension of services of mobility, The Hospitalet stands in fourth position. This identification appraises the application of innovative technologies for guaranteeing the integration of the system of intermodal transport, the inclusion and the accessibility into all the loaned services. Aspects have been taken into account like the availability of applications of mobility and of points of electrical reload.

Also, L' Hospitalet occupies the fifth position in the Demand dimension of services of mobility, which studies the options of transport affordable, accessible and surely for all persons in the different hourly borders. Aspects are appraised like the train connections like less polluting intermodal system, the promotion of the public and shared bicycles and the introduction of the prospect of gender in the area of the mobility.

The Town Council of L' Hospitalet has the Plan of sustainable urban mobility and develops different initiatives in the area of the sustainable and accessible mobility centered on the pacification of the traffic and the enlargement of sidewalks; the creation of islands of pedestrians and civic axes in the neighborhoods; the adequacy of healthy and safe environments about the educational centers; the improvement of the public transport, the promotion of the use of the bicycle and the systems of shared vehicles; the execution of a net pedalable in the city that it connects with the neighboring towns, the regulation of the parking of area and the improvement in the distribution of the merchandise.

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