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City | 22/09/2021

L'Hospitalet celebrates the Day without Cars with activities for a sustainable mobility

The Town Council develops different initiatives in the area of the sustainable mobility centered on the pacification of the traffic and the enlargement of sidewalks; the creation of islands of pedestrians and civic axes in the neighborhoods; the adequacy of healthy and safe environments to the educational centers; the improvement of the public transport, the promotion of the use of the bicycle and the systems of shared vehicles, and the execution of a net pedalable in the city

L'Hospitalet celebrates some today, 22 September, on the Day without Cars -the central day of the European Week of the Mobility- with activities to foster the sustainable mobility and to sensitize the displacements to the environmental impact that they have in private vehicle. The activities take place in the avenue of the Navy, among the street of Provença and the avenue of the Narrow Gauge Railroad.

During the day, and under the lemma Put on the car in the pocket", eight panels will be installed with information about the benefits of the sustainable mobility for the health and the city. The panels will contain several information, like the benefits of the mobility he activates (displacements with bicycle or standing); of the public transport (environmental and social cost), and of the new mobility (vehicles of personal mobility, shared green vehicles and bus the demand).

From 16 to 20 hours, monitors of the Association for the Promotion of the Public Transport (PTP) will facilitate information to the citizenship about the exhibition and will encourage it to making pictures individual or in family in front of the posters and in a photocall designed expressly for the activity, that will be able to be published in Instagram with the hashtag #DiaSenseCotxesLH2021 and that will be able to participate in the draw of a sponsored electrical bicycle for the WITH-Bicibox.

Hasta on 26 September, BaixCicletada

Moreover, even on 26 September the 17th edition of the BaixCicletada of the Baix Llobregat and L'Hospitalet is being carried out, that this year it consists to discovering the giant letters installed in the nine participant towns -L'Hospitalet, Cornellà, Caves, Sant Boi, Sant Feliu, Sant Joan Despí, Sant Just Desvern, Santa Coloma de Cervelló and Sant Vicenç dels Horts-, pedalling individually or in family, and that baixcicletada form the word.

Each letter, of 2 x 1 meters, a design associated with a message of sensitization about the sustainable mobility and a code contains QR with more information. To enter in the draw of the four yielded bicycles for the WITH-Bicibox, the participants have to be made a photo in the face of the letters and to publish it in the platform The location of the different letters can be in the web page In L'Hospitalet, the letter T is, in the neighborhood of Sant Josep, a green area where pedalable can go easily from the city with bicycle through the net, installed in the park of the Hut.

Performances for a sustainable and safe mobility

Plan of municipal performance 2020-2023 fixes a series of goals for fostering the sustainable and safe mobility in L'Hospitalet. Among other, to increase the mobility on foot for all the city, the use of the bicycle and the public transport; reducing the utilization of the polluting private vehicle, and regulating the parking and rationalizing the urban distribution of merchandise.

To increase the displacements on foot, the number of pedestrians islands and the closing of spaces to stroll are being broadened. Thus, this year already 10 avenues and 8 islands have been pacified. Moreover, in the last four years, in L'Hospitalet creation of only platform ways and integral housing development of streets have been made performances of improvement of the accessibility and pacification of the traffic near 200 streets and public spaces of the city, with enlargement of sidewalks.

To foster the use of the bicycle, there are 33 km of bycicle lane and 102 streets signposted as a pedalable itinerary in the city: road 30 of communal life of bicis and other of vehicles. When it is completed, the pedalable net of the city will have

72 km

To reduce the utilization of the polluting private vehicle, the implantation of low broadcasts of shared use vehicles (carsharing) has been broadened in the city, with 57.961 users the year 2020.

Also to foster the sustainable mobility, the parking is regulated in the streets with the deployment in the neighborhoods of the integral areas of regulation of the parking (AIR) and the urban distribution of merchandise is rationalized with 60 zones DUM this year.

Moreover, zones of zero broadcasts about the schools are implemented in order to reduce the risks associated with the circulation of vehicles and create healthy and safe school environments, with 36 educational centers pacified since the last year.

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