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City | 30/11/2021

In L'Hospitalet, fifteenth one of activities to give the persons visibility with disability

Coinciding with the celebration on 3 December of the International Day of the Persons with Disability that searches to sensitize the public opinion about the living conditions of this collective The entity APOSS-Talleres Bellvitge shows the improvements of accessibility for persons with disability made with the recent remodelling of the hall of Plens El Ayuntamiento and several entities of the city carry out during the months of November and December different activities to commemorate this day

Coinciding with the 3rd December, on the International Day of the Persons with Disability, the Town Council and several entities of the city have organized a program of activities in order to sensitize almost 23.000 persons to the living conditions of this collective that it gathers in The Hospitalet.

As example, the Municipal Program of Attention to the Persons with Disability organizes two workshops-talked about mobility and functional diversity, which they will work about three axes of special interest for the formation of children and youngsters, schools and high schools, today Tuesday, 30 November, in the Auditorium Barred.

And the same day 3, at 12 hr, in the Hall of Plenum of the Town Council, the entity APOSS-Tallers Bellvitge and the municipal areas of Welfare and Social Rights and Public Space they will make the presentation of the improvements of accessibility of the hall of Plens, in which the association has collaborated in order to adapt it in all the world with proposals of improvement in accessibility cognitive elaborated by two groups of users of the entity formed like validadors for this type of tasks. To the act the video will be passed We "make a hall of Plenum for everything the world", where the own validadors explain the experience and the work carried out.

The Hall of Plenum of the Town Council of Coincidiendo con el 3 de diciembre, el Día Internacional de las Personas con Discapacidad, el Ayuntamiento y diversas entidades de la ciudad han organizado un programa de actividades con el fin de sensibilizar sobre las condiciones de vida de este colectivo que reúne casi a 23.000 personas en L' Hospitalet has been an object the last months of some works of integral reform, which already they have finished.

The performance has allowed to put on the day the contributions and the use of the room, with the implantation of several safety measures, comfort and technological advances for the realization of the acts and its audiovisual and telematic retransmissions.

The space has adapted to the new requirements and, thus, the reform of the Hall of Plenum allows now the flexibility of uses and the gauging depending on the activity to develop, with part of the non fixed armchairs and taking into account the accessibility and the integration in the room of the persons with reduced mobility. Moreover, a loop of induction or system of sound that it transforms and improvement has incorporated the signal of audio to facilitate the persons the follow-up of the acts with auditory reduction and to obtain a clean and intelligible sound.

Coinciding with the celebration on the 3rd December of the International Day of the Persons with Disability, other collectives have programmed activities until the 11th December. (See program.)

Among the 23.000 persons with some type of disability in L'Hospitalet there are 7.921 persons with physical motor problems, 5.095 persons with physical problems not motoress, 4.364 persons with mental illness and 1.408 persons with visual problems.

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