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L’Hospitalet unveils an interactive data viewer for tourism activity

The City Council has unveiled the Smart Tourism System for L’Hospitalet (SIT L’H): an interactive data viewer that allows users to access indicators related to the city’s tourism activity. The project is jointly funded by Barcelona Provincial Council and provides access to data from recent years regarding tourist profiles, visitor mobility, accommodation occupancy rate, number of activities and visitors to congresses and fairs, sustainability initiatives implemented by establishments providing accommodation, sporting activity within the city, and a number of other indicators.

City | 03/04/2023 12:00:00

Entries are open for the 38th edition of the Cocktail Contest for Young Professionals–City of L’Hospitalet Trophy

Entries are now open for the 38th edition of the Cocktail Contest for Young Professionals–City of L’Hospitalet Trophy. The contest is open to all mixology professionals and food service students aged between 16 and 27, although only two participants from each establishment or educational institution can take part.

Food | 13/03/2023 13:00:00

How can food service be made more attractive to workers?

Studies show that staff shortages will be one of the main challenges facing the food service sector in 2023. This was also confirmed in the responses to one of the regular surveys carried out by Club Top F&B, whose members include the corporate directors for food and beverages at some of the leading hotel chains in Spain. Managing human resources and a lack of staff were the chief concerns highlighted in the survey, followed by the rising costs of raw materials and transforming the sector into one that is attractive for customers.

Food | 04/01/2023 15:20:00

What is foodtech and why will it change food service?

The term “foodtech” has become increasingly common in recent years. But what is it, and how is it affecting us? Firstly, foodtech refers to the use of technology and biotechnology to develop innovations that have a significant impact on the way food is produced, processed, cooked or distributed. Consequently, foodtech affects every link in the value chain of the food industry: from livestock farming and the primary sector through to supermarkets and, of course, food service.

Food | 23/12/2022 10:00:00

The keys to remaining profitable in the current climate

The current climate is forcing the food service sector to take steps to ensure that its management processes are adapted in line with the changes that are taking place at the social and global level. Food service is an extremely dynamic sector that is capable of adapting to changes, innovations, new concepts and consumers’ tastes. However, it must now also adapt to specific external circumstances.

Food | 20/12/2022 13:00:00

Sports tourism: a wealth of opportunities

L’Hospitalet de Llobregat is one of Catalonia’s leading destinations for sports tourism. The city’s sports facilities, and also some of its hotels, have been awarded sports tourism certification by the Catalan Tourist Board, meaning they are certified to accommodate teams and meet the specific needs of the sportspeople who stay there.

Sports | 16/12/2022

Sustainability and its relationship to tourism and food service

After two years of hard work, in June 2022 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat obtained the internationally renowned Biosphere certification for sustainable tourism awarded by the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI), which certifies good practices on the part of tourist services and companies. The initiative is promoted in Barcelona by the city’s Provincial Council and Chamber of Commerce. The certification recognises L’Hospitalet’s commitment to sustainability and its desire to continuously improve in this area. As well as reasons related purely to sustainability, the accolade will also enhance the city’s reputation as a tourist destination, help attract responsible tourism and serve as an additional pull-factor for visitors.

Food | 14/12/2022

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Did you know?

L’Hospitalet is a certified sports tourism destination. This is thanks to all the high-quality sports facilities and services we have here in the city.



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