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The science rises to the stage of the Auditori Barradas to demonstrate that it is a real show

People do not get sick of the science not even exclusively destined to the experts, two very present premises in the cycle "Science to scene", a small festival of scenic assemblies destined to explaining scientific concepts in a pleasant and fun way. Organized by Pinches of Science, the shows will take place of the 13 in the 17 October in the Auditorium Barradas.

Culture | 08/10/2021

16th Festival of Shorts of L'Hospitalet

The entity Jóvenes for the Equality and the Solidarity (JIS) organizes, with the support of the Town Council, a new edition of the Festival of Shorts of The Hospitalet, open to the youth of until 35 years.

Culture | 06/10/2021

The Room Key Center of Arts accommodates tomorrow the presentation of the Census of Artists of Catalonia

The elaboration of the Census of Artists was started off in December of 2020 promoted by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat, the National Board of the Culture and of the Arts (CoNCA) and the associations of professionals of the culture with the goal to map the artistic creation of the country and to facilitate the development of the Statute of the artist. The Census implied an exhaustive work of diagnosis and of evaluation from which to describe strategies, guidelines and concrete actions to improve the professional conditions of the artists and the professionals of the culture and the policies public directed in the sector.

Culture | 06/10/2021

Everything ready for the Night Career of L'Hospitalet

This Saturday, 9 October, the sport comes back to the streets of L'Hospitalet with a new edition of the Night Career, a call open to all the world from 14 years. The mayor, Núria Marín, will give the except exit of the 11th edition at 20 hours, to the post of Europe.

Sports | 06/10/2021

The exhibition "FòssiL'Hs" proposes a journey to L' Hospitalet of it makes millions of years

How it was L' Hospitalet does it make millions of years? The answer has the exhibition that the Museum opens to the public the next 7 October. The sample proposes a journey to our further past, when the terrains that today the city occupies were submerged in the sea. Graphic, fossil and virtual reality to understand the transformation of the geography of our environment.

Culture | 05/10/2021

The festival Dulcinea Curts opens the program of acts of the Week of the Mental Health in L'Hospitalet

The festival Dulcinea Curts opens the programming of activities of the Week of the Mental Health in L' Hospitalet, who organizes AFEMHOS with the collaboration of the Town Council of the city, coinciding with the celebration the 10 October of the World-Wide Day of the Mental Health. With the slogan "you can be A Matí. The mental health, a necessary law, "the activities have how I objectify to finish to the stigma and to the prejudices that still drag the mental illnesses.

Culture | 28/09/2021

Workshops and lectures in the European Night of the Research to pass the citizenship the science and the innovation

The program Pinches of science he participates in the European Night of the Research with talks, workshops and games that they will take place of the 21 in the 23 September in the Auditori Barradas and in the Cultural Center Sant Josep. This event is celebrated in simultaneous way besides 300 cities of 30 countries to pass the company the task of the investigatory staff.

Culture | 22/09/2021

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L’Hospitalet is a certified sports tourism destination. This is thanks to all the high-quality sports facilities and services we have here in the city.



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