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The tapas tours and City of L’Hospitalet Cocktail Contest are back


This morning saw the official presentation of two of L’Hospitalet’s most important culinary events: the tapas tours and the Cocktail Contest for Young Professionals–City of L’Hospitalet Trophy.

The presentation took place at the restaurant of the L’Hospitalet Food Service Training Centre, and was attended by José Antonio Alcaide, the Councillor for Tourism and Economic Promotion; Eva Hausmann, a chef and culinary stylist (and the sponsor of this edition of the tapas tours); and a number of representatives from the city’s restaurant industry.

The events are part of a series of projects designed to promote and revitalise the local culinary scene and consolidate L’Hospitalet’s status as a destination for food tourism. They also form part of the City Council’s drive to promote high-quality cuisine and make it accessible to visitors and residents of L’Hospitalet.

Primavera de Tapes kicks off the city’s series of tapas tours

This year, L’Hospitalet is hosting eight tapas tours, the first of which (Primavera de Tapes, or Springtime Tapas) coincides with the Festes de Primavera (Spring Festival). The tapas tours are organised in collaboration with the L’Hospitalet Food Service Association and the food blog L’Hospitalet Gastronòmic, and offer customers an opportunity to sample the culinary delights created by the city’s establishments.

There is also a participatory element to all of the tours, in which customers can vote for their favourite dish in the “Most Popular Tapas” category and enter a draw for different prizes. At the same time, a panel of experts will select the winners in the “Tastiest Tapas”, “Most Creative Tapas” and “Best Culinary Quality Tapas” categories, and the prizes will be handed out at a special ceremony in July.

The 11th edition of Primavera de Tapes will take place from 20-23 April and involves 32 of the city’s establishments, which will offer a selection of traditional, creative and fusion dishes. The price of each tapas dish remains the same as in previous editions (€3.50), and in some establishments – although not all – a drink is also included.

The end of the Festes de Primavera marks the start of the neighbourhood tapas tours, coinciding with the dates of the local festivals. The first tour will take place in the neighbourhood of Sant Josep (11-14 May), followed by Santa Eulàlia (1-4 June), Can Serra (8-11 June), Collblanc-La Torrassa (8-11 June), Pubilla Cases (15-18 June) and lastly La Florida (29 June to 2 July).

The final tapas tour of the year is A la tardor, platillos! (Autumn Tapas), which involves numerous establishments around the city and will take place from 2-26 November.

Twenty-eight contestants take part in the Cocktail Contest for Young Professionals

This year sees the 38th edition of the Cocktail Contest for Young Professionals–City of L’Hospitalet Trophy. The event has consolidated its status as a benchmark for industry professionals and is organised by L’Hospitalet City Council in collaboration with the Catalan Bartenders’ Club and the L’Hospitalet Food Service Training Centre. Many of the previous winners and participants have gone on to work in the industry’s most prestigious establishments.

This year’s edition will be held on 23 April at the Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel, as part of the Festes de Primavera (Spring Festival). The prizes will be contested by 28 participants from 19 schools and establishments throughout Catalonia, surpassing the figures from last year (which featured 23 participants from 15 schools and establishments).

The participants will have to present and prepare a pre-dinner cocktail (aperitif), to be served in four glasses. They will be given just seven minutes of preparation time, in accordance with the rules of the International Bartenders Association (IBA).

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