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L'Hospitalet proves the use of a new model of intelligent wastepaper basket

L'Hospitalet has pioneered the pilot test of a new model of intelligent wastepaper basket with the installation of 20 units of these recipients of great capacity in places of high concurrence of all the districts of the city. They work with solar energy, they compact the waste and they communicate his been in time real through an advanced technology.

City | 16/09/2021

L'Hospitalet celebrates the European Week of the Mobility promoting the healthy and sustainable displacements

L'Hospitalet adheres a year to the celebration of the European Week of the Mobility more, from the 16th September, with a series of initiatives to sensitize the displacements to the environmental impact that they have in private vehicle.

Sports | 15/09/2021

Four galleries of The Hospitalet participate in the seventh edition of Barcelona Gallery Weekend

Of the 15 in the 19 September the seventh edition of Barcelona is celebrated Gallery Weekend (BGW) with a program of exhibitions, guided visits, talks, presentations and other activities in which 33 galleries tell, record figure of participants, and more 70 artist. The goal is to pass the citizenship the contemporary art, to foster the collecting and to highlight the paper of the galleries like spaces generative of culture.

Culture | 15/09/2021

The new directive Plan of environmental education of Hospitalet-Horizonte 2030 approved of

The Town Council has approved initially of the new directive Plan of environmental education of The Hospitalet-Horizonte 2030, elaborated after an extense participative process and with the support of the Regional Government of Barcelona. The plan establishes all a series of transversal actions that have to develop in the town to make the citizenship aware in general about the effects of the climatic emergency and to act in accordance with the goals of sustainable development of the Agenda 2030 of United Nations.

City | 07/07/2021

The InnBrew shown, The Brewers Convention that will be celebrated to La Farga

The Forge I Center of Actividades accommodates the 1st edition of the InnBrew, The Brewers Convention, an event that is born of the hand of Beer Events, instigator of Barcelona Beer Festival and of Barcelona Beer Challenge undertaken, with the goal to become the meeting point and of reference of the professional sector of the beer so much of Spain, as well as of the South of Europe.

FOUNTAIN: La Farga L'Hospitalet

Food | 07/07/2021

The Village L’H Experience ends with a record number of visitors

The fourth edition of the Village L'Hospitalet Experience ended this Thursday, which was both atypical and crowded at the same time. The event, which takes place in Plaça d’Europa, coinciding with the Mobile World Congress, was visited by about 11,000 people, and 13,200 tapas portions were served, all made by restaurateurs from the city with local products.

Food | 05/07/2021

Enjoy the summer in the city with the activities of the Summer Experience

Summer arrives on the streets and squares of all districts with cultural and leisure activities to spend summer afternoons. The main stages where the activities will take place: the gardens of Can Sumarro and the Tecla Sala Cultural Centre in District I; the Marquesa Park in District II, Plaça de Maria Artigal, Can Trinxet, the Alhambra Park and Plaça dels Veïns in District III; the La Bòbila Cultural Centre, the Plaça de la Carpa, Plaça de la Bòbila, Plaça de la Llibertat and Plaça d’Eivissa, Avinguda de la Primavera, the “Blocs Florida” and the open area of the Les Planes Park in Districts IV and V, and Bellvitge Park and the Cultural Centre in District VI.

Culture | 28/06/2021

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L’Hospitalet is a certified sports tourism destination. This is thanks to all the high-quality sports facilities and services we have here in the city.



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