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Culture | 05/10/2021

The exhibition "FòssiL'Hs" proposes a journey to L' Hospitalet of it makes millions of years

To explain the geographical transformation of the environment with graphs, fossils and virtual reality The sample it will be open to the Harmonía of the 7 October in the 30 March

How it was L' Hospitalet does it make millions of years? The answer has the exhibition that the Museum opens to the public the next 7 October. The sample proposes a journey to our further past, when the terrains that today the city occupies were submerged in the sea. Graphic, fossil and virtual reality to understand the transformation of the geography of our environment.

Culture | 28/09/2021

The festival Dulcinea Curts opens the program of acts of the Week of the Mental Health in L'Hospitalet

The Auditorium Barred he accommodates Friday the exhibition of the finalist works and the prize-giving of the contest, which he gives back after two years of absence for the pandemic with the goal to finish to the stigma and to the prejudices that still drag the mental illnesses

The festival Dulcinea Curts opens the programming of activities of the Week of the Mental Health in L' Hospitalet, who organizes AFEMHOS with the collaboration of the Town Council of the city, coinciding with the celebration the 10 October of the World-Wide Day of the Mental Health. With the slogan "you can be A Matí. The mental health, a necessary law, "the activities have how I objectify to finish to the stigma and to the prejudices that still drag the mental illnesses.

Culture | 22/09/2021

Workshops and lectures in the European Night of the Research to pass the citizenship the science and the innovation

Of the 21 in the 23 September in the Auditori Barradas and the Cultural Center Sant Josep Las activities are free with previous booking through the electronic mail

The program Pinches of science he participates in the European Night of the Research with talks, workshops and games that they will take place of the 21 in the 23 September in the Auditori Barradas and in the Cultural Center Sant Josep. This event is celebrated in simultaneous way besides 300 cities of 30 countries to pass the company the task of the investigatory staff.

City | 22/09/2021

L'Hospitalet celebrates the Day without Cars with activities for a sustainable mobility

The Town Council develops different initiatives in the area of the sustainable mobility centered on the pacification of the traffic and the enlargement of sidewalks; the creation of islands of pedestrians and civic axes in the neighborhoods; the adequacy of healthy and safe environments to the educational centers; the improvement of the public transport, the promotion of the use of the bicycle and the systems of shared vehicles, and the execution of a net pedalable in the city

L'Hospitalet celebrates some today, 22 September, on the Day without Cars -the central day of the European Week of the Mobility- with activities to foster the sustainable mobility and to sensitize the displacements to the environmental impact that they have in private vehicle. The activities take place in the avenue of the Navy, among the street of Provença and the avenue of the Narrow Gauge Railroad.

Culture | 17/09/2021

The Teatre Joventut and the Auditori Barradas they raise the curtain of the new season

The programming of scenic arts and music includes, among other, Pere Arquillué, The Brujo, Alberto San Juan, o it Is worth you give Mouras or Las Migas

Starts the season of autumn of the Teatre Joventut and the Auditori Barradas of scenic arts and music, still marked by the limitation of gauging. Both equipment shows an extense fan of proposals with the goal of arriving at every type of public.

Culture | 16/09/2021

They arrive the Jazz & Film Sesions, the fusion of the cinema and the best jazz in direct

The initiative is a tribute to the magic of the cinema and they suppose an impulse for the recovery of the sector of the music live. The first sessions will have place of the 16th in the 18th September with the goal to establish a stable programming along the year. The EMMCA participates in the morning sessions of Saturday

Cinemas Big Filmax Via shows the Jazz & Film Sesions, a new initiative that intends to give tribute to the magic of the cinema with the best jazz, fountain of inspiration of some of the best films.

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