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Culture | 05/10/2021

The exhibition "FòssiL'Hs" proposes a journey to L' Hospitalet of it makes millions of years

To explain the geographical transformation of the environment with graphs, fossils and virtual reality The sample it will be open to the Harmonía of the 7 October in the 30 March

How it was The Hospitalet does it make millions of years? The answer has the exhibition that the Museum opens to the public the next 7 October. The sample proposes a journey to our further past, when the terrains that today the city occupies were submerged in the sea. Graphic, fossil and virtual reality to understand the transformation of the geography of our environment.

Graphs and drawings will occupy the walls of the gallery of the Harmonía to explain the evolution of the life when the zone that today we know like The Hospitalet was submerged in the sea. We will also know when the first animals turned up and how was the flora thanks to more than one a hundred of fossils found exposed in the zone in 11 showcases, with rests of the first mammals.

The visitors to the exhibition "FòssiL'Hs" will be able to see how the climatic changes to the physiognomy of the planet through a practical experience with the Sandbox affect, a computer instrument that really generates projections virtual.

The commissioners Èric Baulenas, investigator in paleontology and musician, and Jordi de la Pinta, engineer of projects and qualified person in archeology, have prepared an exhibition that combines the scientific rigor with an understandable language. By its informative character, the exhibition has been included in the guide Intro for the educational centers of primary and secondary of the city.

Other complementary activities have also been programmed:

Thursday, 7 October, at 18.30
hours Visit of opening commented on by the
commissioners Tuesday, 16 November, at 20
hours Night visit commented on by the
commissioners Thursday, 18 November, at 19.30
hours Scientific lecture in charge of the commissioners

The exhibition "FòssiL'Hs" will be open until the 30th March, of Tuesday on Friday, from 17 to 20 hours. Saturdays, Sundays and festive days, from 11 to 14 hours.

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