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Sports | 06/10/2021

Everything ready for the Night Career of L'Hospitalet

The Night Career keeps its spirit solidary and this year he dedicates itself to the Association of Relatives and Friends of Oncològics Children of Catalonia (AFANOC)

This Saturday, 9 October, the sport comes back to the streets of L'Hospitalet with a new edition of the Night Career, a call open to all the world from 14 years. The mayor, Núria Marín, will give the except exit of the 11th edition at 20 hours, to the post of Europe.

Until now, 2.300 persons have been registered in the evidence. The inscription can be made until the same day of the career or when it goes to the utmost of participants, through the web page Them prices of the inscription, from 11 euros, they vary he is about of chip or not.

This edition, that Night of The Hospitalet will count on 110 voluntary persons who have obeyed to the call of the organization to collaborate in the event.

After the bracket of 2020, the Night Career of The Hospitalet comes back adapted to the safety measures and hygiene in front of the Cograpevine and with the "Desire" slogan "of nocturna". Thus, among other, that of 5 kilometers, highlights only that there will be a circuit and that in the to finish the career the medals will be given, but any other activity more will not be made. This edition wants to mark a re-encounter with the sport activity in the street, sustaining all measures of prevention against the Cograpevine.

The Night Career keeps its spirit solidary and this year he dedicates itself to the Association of Relatives and Friends of Oncològics Children of Catalonia (AFANOC). The organization of the evidence contributes an euro to the entity for each inscription. Moreover, any person can make a contribution through "number 0".

The priority of this edition is to guarantee the certainty of the corridors and of the corridors, members of the organization and assistant public. It is because of that that the exit, like always in the post of Europe, it will be made in way staggered, through several consecutive borders of exit, in order to power to keep distance physical among participants. The usual circuit has had to adapt itself to the steps exit of the corridors and grooves. It is a kind and affordable itinerary to every type of sportsmen.

In this edition, the color of the T-shirt has been chosen in a participative process through the account of Instagram de la Cursa. The registered persons will be able to pick up the number, the official T-shirt and the bag during the Fair of the Corridor that it will become among the 8th and on the 9th October in the Shopping Center Granvia 2. The corridors and the corridors have been able to share previous sessions of training that they have become in the post of Europe.

Until the edition of 2019, the Night Career has always been made coinciding with the Parties of Spring with two circuits: of 5 and of 10 kilometers. Once the contest had been finished, a popular act was made with tasting of a cooked dish, musical performances, workshops, etc that they will give back when he passes the situation of sanitary emergency.

The Night Career of The Hospitalet organizes it the Town Council of the city, with the collaboration of the Shopping Center Granvia 2, Autovivo and Aedas Homes, the newspaper Sport (official media), Decathlon, Waters of Barcelona and Tandem Projects (technical direction).

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