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Culture | 22/09/2021

Workshops and lectures in the European Night of the Research to pass the citizenship the science and the innovation

Of the 21 in the 23 September in the Auditori Barradas and the Cultural Center Sant Josep Las activities are free with previous booking through the electronic mail

The program Pinches of science he participates in the European Night of the Research with talks, workshops and games that they will take place of the 21 in the 23 September in the Auditori Barradas and in the Cultural Center Sant Josep. This event is celebrated in simultaneous way besides 300 cities of 30 countries to pass the company the task of the investigatory staff.

To explain the science in a simple and fun way to the public of all ages is the goal of the conference, which will approach scientific and social or diverse aspects, like a practical workshop of research in digital archives for the persons interested in searching datum, information and images in historical press, repositoris or genealogy.

The immunological system will be an object of study in the workshop given by Lucía Fanlo, of the High School of Research against the Leukemia Josep Carreras, that will speak about the cellular components of the blood, the production of antibodies and the antigen-antibody recognition.

Blocks of scientific talks of 20 minutes of duration in charge of investigators of the CSIC will also be made, from the Center of Research to Agrigenòmica, of the University of Barcelona or of the ICO, among other. The origin, the study and the prediction of the volcanoes one of the talks where the damages that they cause about the persons and the environment, with impacts that can arrive at scale global, will be analyzed will be but also the wealths that they can bring with very fertile earth, mineral and energetic resources.

Also there will be a workshop for fostering the scientific spirit among the youngsters. Míriam Calvera, of the University Pompeu Fabra, will help the teenagers to putting on technology in the leather of an engineer who he attempts to design for helping to investigating and solving a real problem through the design of a prototype.

The science also has gender, and to achieve to break the ceiling of glass, the workshop given by Gerard Guimerà, of the Catalan Company of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, it will analyze the differences of gender, will explain the symbolism of the ceiling of glass and will become proposed to break it.

The activities are free with previous booking through the electronic mail or the telephone 93 403 20 99 , from 16 to 21 hours.

The Night of the Research in Catalonia it is organized by the University of Barcelona (UB), the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), the University of Girona (UdG), the University Rovira and Virgili (URV), the University of Lleida (UdL) and the High School of Global Health of Barcelona (ISGlobal).

The acts have the support of the European Commission like part of the Actions Marie Curie, a program to promote careers of the European investigatory staff.

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