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Culture | 17/09/2021

The Teatre Joventut and the Auditori Barradas they raise the curtain of the new season

The programming of scenic arts and music includes, among other, Pere Arquillué, The Brujo, Alberto San Juan, o it Is worth you give Mouras or Las Migas

Starts the season of autumn of the Teatre Joventut and the Auditori Barradas of scenic arts and music, still marked by the limitation of gauging. Both equipment shows an extense fan of proposals with the goal of arriving at every type of public.

Culture | 16/09/2021

They arrive the Jazz & Film Sesions, the fusion of the cinema and the best jazz in direct

The initiative is a tribute to the magic of the cinema and they suppose an impulse for the recovery of the sector of the music live. The first sessions will have place of the 16th in the 18th September with the goal to establish a stable programming along the year. The EMMCA participates in the morning sessions of Saturday

Cinemas Big Filmax Via shows the Jazz & Film Sesions, a new initiative that intends to give tribute to the magic of the cinema with the best jazz, fountain of inspiration of some of the best films.

City | 16/09/2021

L'Hospitalet proves the use of a new model of intelligent wastepaper basket

It works with solar energy, compacts the waste and communicates its state in real time. They have positioned 20 units of great capacity, like pilot test, in places of high concurrence of all the districts of the city

L'Hospitalet has pioneered the pilot test of a new model of intelligent wastepaper basket with the installation of 20 units of these recipients of great capacity in places of high concurrence of all the districts of the city. They work with solar energy, they compact the waste and they communicate his been in time real through an advanced technology.

Sports | 15/09/2021

L'Hospitalet celebrates the European Week of the Mobility promoting the healthy and sustainable displacements

On the 22nd September it will be celebrated on the Day without Cars, with activities for a sustainable mobility on the promenade of the avenue of the Navy among the street of Provença and the avenue of the Railway He gives back the BaixCicletada of the Baix Llobregat and L'Hospitalet of the 16th to the 26th September, this individual and family year of character for the Covidien-19

L'Hospitalet adheres a year to the celebration of the European Week of the Mobility more, from the 16th September, with a series of initiatives to sensitize the displacements to the environmental impact that they have in private vehicle.

Culture | 15/09/2021

Four galleries of The Hospitalet participate in the seventh edition of Barcelona Gallery Weekend

Centers of Key Art Room, Foundation Arranz-Bravo and TPK program exhibitions coinciding with the Gallery

Of the 15 in the 19 September the seventh edition of Barcelona is celebrated Gallery Weekend (BGW) with a program of exhibitions, guided visits, talks, presentations and other activities in which 33 galleries tell, record figure of participants, and more 70 artist. The goal is to pass the citizenship the contemporary art, to foster the collecting and to highlight the paper of the galleries like spaces generative of culture.

City | 07/07/2021

The new directive Plan of environmental education of Hospitalet-Horizonte 2030 approved of

The Town Council has approved initially of the new directive Plan of environmental education of The Hospitalet-Horizonte 2030, elaborated after an extense participative process and with the support of the Regional Government of Barcelona. The plan establishes all a series of transversal actions that have to develop in the town to make the citizenship aware in general about the effects of the climatic emergency and to act in accordance with the goals of sustainable development of the Agenda 2030 of United Nations.

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