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Culinary tours

L’Hospitalet’s tapas tours form part of the city’s DNA. Watch out for them year-round! These tours are a fun and refreshing way of getting to know our cuisine through small bites to eat at many different places.

Look out for them in our agenda!

  • Ruta de tapes andaluses [Andalusian tapas tour] (February)
  • Quinto tapa (March/April)
  • Primavera de tapes [Springtime tapas] (April)
  • Nit de tapes al mercat [Tapas night at the market] (April)
  • Sant Josep de tapes [Tapas in Sant Josep] (May)
  • Santa Eulàlia de tapes [Tapas in Santa Eulàlia] (May/June)
  • Can Serra de tapes [Tapas in Can Serra] (June)
  • Pubilla Cases de tapes [Tapas in Pubilla Cases] (June)
  • La Florida de tapes [Tapas in La Florida] (June/July)
  • A la tardor, platillos [Autumn tapas] (November)
  • Ruta del cava [Cava tour] (December)
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